Texas Highway Radio Show N°46

# PLAYLIST Intro: Are You Ready For The Country 00:00 Axel O: Montgomery County Moonshine 00:32 Love & Chaos Wildflower (with Willy Braun) 04:54 Randy Rogers Band: Small Town Girl Goodbye 08:42 Tom Faia & Kate Miller: I Gotta Dance to Keep from Crying 11:51 Bouexi Band: Ride A Vermillon 15:03 Mark Anthony: Take Me Down Slow 19:45 Mike Hughes: Honky Tonk Doors 23:21 Randy Carson & Willie Nelson: Who'll Buy My Memories 26:53 Curtis Grimes: Cowboy Constitution 30:16 20 West: Gone 33:40 Whosboone: Yellow Pine Blues 37:38 Brad Jenschke - Drunk On Your Kiss 41:34 Dean Paul Willeford: Stop Loving Me 44:55 Rebecca Lee Daniels: Bloom 48:24 David Adam Byrnes: Keep Up With A Cowgirl 52:18 Shawn David: Whiskey Works 56:05 OUTRO : Campfire 59:37